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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Sorce Services for my container rental needs?

We save you time, hassle , & money. Unlike most container rental companies advertising on the internet, we are the actual service provider, not a middle man or broker. Our 60 day rental on top of our already low prices for waste containers is unmatched and has the potential to save you hundreds of dollars.

How soon after ordering can I get a container?

This depends on our schedule. Sometimes we can get a container to your location same day.Generally you can expect delivery within 24 hours.

What do I do when I am ready to have the container picked up?

You need to call for pickup. We will not pick up any container until asked to do so by the customer. Simply call us at 262-895-3200 at least 24 hours in advance of your desired pickup day. We will do our best to meet your requirments but the availability for pickup will be dependent upon our schedule.

Do I have to be there when the container is delivered and picked up?

It is not necessary to have someone onsite for delivery or removal of the container. However, please be  specific when answering the delivery questions, the driver will use their best judgment and place the container in the safest accessible area when delivering the container. It is extremely helpful to mark the area where the container is to be placed.  If a contact person is not available for delivery you will be responsible for all charges involved with relocation of the dumpster should it be necessary. For removal, you will be required to provide unobstructed access to the container on the scheduled pickup day; if the equipment is inaccessible, you will be subject to additional pickup charges, as terms and conditions apply. If the driver comes for delivery or removal and the customer is not ready for the container to be dropped or removed, please note that trip charges will incur a supplementary cost of $95.00 per visit from the initial quote.

Will the container damage my driveway or other property?

We recommend that the customer protect any surface where the container is going to be placed with a 4' x 8' sheets of plywood.

The terms and conditions of any container rental state, "Customer affirms that any private right-of-way provided by customer (disclosed in delivery questions) for the container is sufficient to bear the weight of all equipment and vehicles required to perform the contracted service. The customer assumes all liabilities for damages to private driving surfaces, pavement or road surfaces and entire container placement site. Sorce Services, LLC shall not be responsible for any damages to any private driving surface, pavement or accompanying or adjacent subsurface including lawns of any route associated to perform the service that was contracted". Please remember that the truck and equipment required to deliver your container is very large and heavy. Unlike your personal vehicles they require extra room for turns and manuverability. Placing plywood sheets on surfaces that may be compromised, including lawns, is recommended to help prevent damage.

Is there materials that I can not put in a dumpster?

Yes, the following is a list of restricted materials that can not be disposed of in a dumpster:

Absolutely No hazardous waste, dirt, industrial waste, chemical products, herbicides & pesticides, radioactive material, solvents, paint (except completely dried latex paint, no liquids), flammable liquids, aerosol cans, propane tanks, motor oil, transmission oil/lubricating/hydraulic oil/oil filters, antifreeze, appliances, petroleum contaminated soil, lead paint chips, tires, batteries, computers, monitors, televisions, microwaves, fluorescent tubes, railroad ties, medical waste, asbestos, barrels, animals, all liquids.

What is the difference between a roll off dumpster and a lugger dumpster?

Roll off dumpsters have a door and wheels at the rear and are tipped off the back of a truck and rolled onto your drive or delivery spot. Roll offs require a larger area for dumpster placement and a larger truck for transport. Lugger dumpsters have flat bottoms with high sides and front, and a low rear height for access. They are lifted off and on the truck. Lugger dumpsters are ideal for smaller driveways and alleys and require a smaller truck for delivery.

What if I need another container?

Simply contact our office at 262-895-3200 and order an exchange. You will pay the same low price for any additional container of the same specifications.

What size waste or storeage container should I get?

It is very hard for us to suggest the right size container for a couple of reasons. First of all, we have not seen the amount of material needed for disposal or storage, so it is hard for us to know the right size container to suggest. The second thing is that we do not want to suggest a size that is too small for your needs, forcing you to order another container. Likewise, we do not want to suggest a size too large, making you feel ripped off. We suggest over-estimating the amount of your materials. Please review carefully the container specifications before ordering. 

What happens if I go over my tonage limit?

Any debris exceeding your tonage limit for waste containers will incur an additional cost of $54.00 per ton. Please look carefully at the specifications of the waste container you are ordering and consider the total weight of the materials you are discarding before placing your order. Careful thought on your part can possibly save you hundreds of dollars.

Can I put the container on the street?

Please check with your local municipality. Permits may be required. It will be your responsibility to obtain the proper permit, and to comply with the additional requirements of your local governing body. This often includes placing flashing barricades around the container. At an additional cost we do have flashing barricades for rent if they are required.

What if the driver comes for delivery or pick up and I am not ready for the container to be dropped or removed?

It will be your responsibility to have the site ready for delivery or pickup on the day scheduled. Please be aware that extra trips  will incur a supplementary charge of $95.00 per trip from the initial quote. Common causes of trip charges are, blocked delivery site, delivery site is not large enough or safe for delivery vehicles and/or equipment, containers being filled over the level line, cars blocking safe access to the container, restricted materials in container, or site conditions such as snow, ice, or soft soil, and many others. Please contact us as soon as possible to arrange for rescheduling, doing so may prevent extra trip charges.

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